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Customer Management Services

TMC specialises in the provision of customer management services for private sector companies in the IT sector and offers assistance to IT companies with their maintenance of and care for their existing clients and the securement of new clients and new contracts, with both existing and with new clients. In this regard, TMC will act as a business development entity, closely associated as a seamless team, with the particular company, ensuring that all their clients are satisfied with the current services offered by the company and, whenever and if necessary, taking corrective action within the company, thus ensuring high quality customer care i.e. providing the client company the opportunity to express freely any of their concerns or dissatisfaction for any of the particular company's services. Also, as part of our services, TMC will ensure that all the clients of the particular company are well informed, at all times, of the success of their website, marketing and promotional material, brochures, etc. At the same time, we will ensure that we communicate all the new ideas, new concepts and new developments to all the clients of the particular company and keep an excellent business relationship with all the clients of the particular company involved in business with us.

As part of our services, for instance, we will follow up telephonically and by email, for instance, once a month or once every two months and support all the clients of the particular company we are providing services to and, at the company's request, compile promotional material or quarterly newsletters for the particular company (refer to the other two sections of this website).

Customer Reports
At the company's request, TMC will also keep a fully updated information register on particulars of all the clients, which will have, at all times, a full report back on progress made with the various clients, whether in the area of customer care, customer maintenance, special requests, new services required, new prospective business, contract securement activities, etc. All information in this regard will be made available continuously online to the particular company we are in business with, using Windows Live, which is well known 'tool' for this purpose. Thus, TMC will not only ensure that your company's customer care programme is up and running well, but will also bring you new prospective business i.e. new prospective clients.

Business Associations and Strategic Alliances
TMC, a company geared towards the provision of business consultancy services in the IT sector, has been associated very closely with ECAT, a prominent IT company in the South African market, focused into the building and the construction industry. Through this strong association and strategic alliance with ECAT, TMC has been involved extensively in the South African market with the customer care, customer maintenance aspects, new business generation and securement, new contractual arrangement aspects, etc, on behalf of and for ECAT, in particular in the building and construction industry i.e. the industrial, hardware, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing and engineering sectors of the South African economy. In this regard, TMC has been both honoured and happy to be involved in both the past, and extensively at present, with the ECAT portfolio of clients, which has included major client companies, such as, for instance, the Voltex Group, the ElectroBase Group, the Iliad Group, Duro Pressings and Samsung Air.