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Technical Writing Services

TMC specialises in providing technical writing services for companies in the private sector, both locally and overseas. These technical writing services, provided by TMC, cover a vast array of marketing and promotional documentation, geared towards serving mainly the industrial and the mining sectors of the economy.

For instance, major companies in South Africa have been trying and successfully achieving increased penetration into the local market with their industrial or mining products and achieving penetration into overseas markets in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and Africa and these marketing drives can be improved substantially with the help of the technical writing services offered by TMC. We will provide these companies with professional technical writing services regarding, for instance, their company brochures, product brochures and other related marketing and promotional material, for both local and overseas markets (these services are supported extensively by our offer of technical translation services into main foreign languages, as can be seen in the next section of this website). Often, our technical writing services are used for the purpose of providing the contents of the websites of these companies, including, in particular, their company profiles and product catalogues. These product catalogues normally include the features and specifications of their products, which are often linked or can be easily linked to their websites.

Our Team
Thus, TMC specialises in the use of highly competent professional people, such as chemical engineers, electronic engineers, analytical and organic chemists, environmental specialists, etc, in the area of high quality technical writing services, which ensures that top quality technical writing services, including accurate and precise engineering and professional terms, are provided to our clients. This aspect of the high level technical writing business cannot be emphasized enough, since often the technical promotional material available from the particular company or companies contains high technological, scientific, industrial and mining process related terminology, which requires professionals with a high level technical and professional university education (for instance, MSc's and PhD's).

Furthermore, the technical writing services provided by TMC are customised to the target markets in the world which our clients are targeting i.e. a specific country or specific countries in the world. The concept is quite simple: let the Board of Directors of potential client companies in those specific target countries read or learn about your company and your products and services in the specific terminology and language of that country and, moreover, the specific technical and professional terms used by professionals in that country (see the next section of this website).

Overseas Clients
TMC also offers technical writing services to companies overseas, who wish to have their company brochures, marketing and promotional material, websites, product catalogues, etc, to be expressed in line with correct professional terminology, while, at the same time, converting the information and documentation from their native language (for instance, Spanish, Portuguese and French) into accurate and precise technical English (see the next section of this website). This service offered by TMC will allow these overseas companies to target markets in English speaking countries (as well as, often enough, other non-English speaking countries in the world!).