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Dr Tiby Mozes founded TMC, a business consultancy company operating from the heart of South Africa, in 1993. Operating from Centurion, TMC (registered as 'TM Business Development Consulting cc') is fully owned and managed by Dr Tiby Mozes. As a national and an international company, TMC has been involved over the last 18 years with business consultancy in South Africa.

From TMC's very inception, the company has been involved with focused business consultancy. For instance, TMC was instrumental in the completion of a one-year long evaluation of the SPII (Support Programme for Industrial Innovation) programme run by the IDC on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI). TMC also provided assistance in DTI's first UNCSD (United Nations Council for Sustainable Development) report. Furthermore, TMC has provided extensive ongoing business and legal advisory services to Boards, Chairmen, Managing Directors and CEO's, mainly in the policy-, strategic-, planning- and pricing-related fields.

TMC, geared towards the provision of business consultancy services in the IT sector, and more specifically, in the booming website development sector, has been associated very closely with ECAT, a prominent company in the South African market, focused into the building and construction industry. Through his strong association and strategic alliance with ECAT, he has been involved extensively with the customer care and customer maintenance aspects relating to ECAT clients, with the securement of new clients and new contracts, with website contents writing for a number of companies in the building and construction industry i.e. industrial, hardware, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing and engineering sectors of the South African economy. Website contents writing has often focused on the compilation of company profiles for all these private sector companies. Thus, TMC has been involved in the past and is involved extensively at present with the ECAT portfolio of clients, which included the Voltex Group, the ElectroBase Group, the Iliad Group, Duro Pressings and Samsung Air.

As part of the marketing drives of various companies into foreign markets, TMC is extensively involved at present with technical translations of websites into major languages (for instance, English to Spanish, Portuguese and French), including technical translations of databases containing features and specifications of products, which are often linked to the websites of these private sector companies.

Over the last 18 years, TMC has been involved in a large number of important business consultancy projects of a variety of kinds, for both local and international companies.